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28th-September-2012: Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is coming to Hull, UK on October 3rd 2012
Mike Tyson UK Tour 2012

Mike Tyson is coming to the bonus arena in Hull, UK on the 3rd October 2012.
A great opportunity to see a true legend of the boxing world.

£50.00 for standard tickets or £100 for V.I.P.

Call Tony on 07912983671 for ticket information

5th-November-09: Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno Scunthorpe, England Appearance Cancelled  
Mike Tyson UK Tour 2009
A VISIT to Scunthorpe by boxing legends Mike Tyson and Frank Bruno has been cancelled. The former world heavyweight boxing champions were due to hit the townon the 5th November to open the Dynamite School of Boxing's new 1-million gym on the town's High Street. But the event has been cancelled after the building failed to meet strict health and safety regulations.

Local promoter and boxing coach, Leon Dobbs, 32, who arranged the visit said: "I am absolutely devastated and would like to offer my deepest apologies to all the disappointed fans." More than 200 tickets, at 50 a time, had been sold for the first-ever appearance in the town by the fighter known as Iron Mike, who was due to be paid 15,600 for a 90-minute appearance. Mr Dobbs said he would arrange refunds to be paid from 9am onwards on Monday at the High Street building. A spokeswoman for North Lincolnshire Council said: "As with any public event, the safety of everyone in attendance is the most important consideration. "In this case, the event cannot go ahead without adequate fire alarm, emergency lighting and escape routes in place."
16th-October-09: Mike Tyson will officially open a 1-million academy for fighters in Scunthorpe, England next month.  
Mike Tyson Set To Visit Scunthorpe In November 2009
FORMER world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson will officially open a 1-million academy for fighters in Scunthorpe next month. Iron Mike - as he is known to millions of fans - will become the highest-paid celebrity to ever visit the town when he opens the Dynamite School of Boxing in the High Street on Bonfire Night, November 5. Jimmy Clyne, Tyson's Essex-based tour promotor, said: "This is a real coup for Scunthorpe. Mike's fee for the opening is confidential - but it will be a record for the town." The 43-year-old ex-world champ will be in Scunthorpe for 90 minutes in between theatre dates in Wolverhampton and Belfast.

Local boxing promoter-coach Leon 'Dynamite' Dobbs, 32, who is believed to be paying around 175 a minute for the visit - a total of 15,750 - said he had no concerns about getting a return on his money. "This is a one-off for the people of Scunthorpe. It will be a long time before they see legends like Iron Mike in the town," he enthused. "He is rated by many fans as the world's best boxer of all time. His visit is a great boost for the sport, our club and the whole town."
Local girl Jess Howard added, "This is a dream come true and I cant wait to get a chance to meet the great former champion."

27th-July-09: Mike Tyson and Evander Holyfield Pictured Together at the ESPY Award Ceremony  
Mike Tyson Pictured With evander Holyfield

While backstage at the 17th Annual ESPY awards, Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson shook hands and posed for photographs together showing no hard feelings towards each other amid rumours of a third contest between the two.

The two previous encounters have hailed Holyfield the winner on both occasions. The first (in 1996), was a classic match that earned Ring Magazine's fight of the year. the second bout was hugely controversial with Tyson choosing to bite a chunk out of Evander's right ear in a wild third round in Las Vegas.
Tyson was disqualified when he tried to bite Evander's left ear and went on the rampage in the ring swinging at police officers and security staff. A truly unforgettable night that will link the two fighters forever.

12 Years on from that night, all is well but you can't help feeling that Evander still has not forgiven Mike entirely for what happened in June 1997.
the chances of the two fighting again are pure speculation, it will never happen.
enjoy your retirement guys !

27th-May-09: Tragedy For Mike Tyson and his family  
Mike Tyson Pictured With His Daughter Exodus
Mike Tyson's 4-year-old daughter, Exodus, has died after an accident on an exercise treadmill at home in Phoenix, Ariz.

A spokesperson for the Phoenix police released a statement confirming that she was pronounced dead at a hospital at 11:45 a.m. today. Exodus Tyson had been on life support after she was found yesterday by her 7-year-old brother with her neck on a cable. The family has issued a statement: "We are grateful for the tremendous outpouring of love and prayers from all over the world. There are no words to describe the tragic loss of our beloved Exodus. We ask you now to please respect our need at this very difficult time for privacy to grieve and try to help each other heal."

Our hearts go out to Mike and all his family at this terrible time.
Please feel free to leave your messages of condolence in the guestbook.
27th-October-08: Mike Tyson in action against Ali in Fight Night Round 4  
Mike Tyson In Action Against Muhammad Ali in Fight Night Round 4
A preview of how the new Fight Night Round will look. Mike Tyson has been modeled very well in this game. Not only does it look like Mike but also moves like him. This game will be massive with the inclusion of the Mike Tyson of old (pre-tattood).
Any more videos or pictures we find will be on here !
Click this link to watch the video (courtesy of YouTube).
Mike Tyson In Fight Night Round 4
17th-July-08: Mike Tyson Reportedly Back in Training  
Mike Tyson Is Back In Training (Allegedly)
A very reputable Mixed Martial Arts news site, Sherdog.com is reporting that Mike Tyson is in some serious training, in which the former boxer is training his butt off with a respected strength and conditioning coach.
Sherdog quotes a source, who wishes to stay anonymous, that Tyson has been privately “training his ass off,” the source went on to add that Tyson will not be doing boxing anymore.
The source was then asked if Tyson was in training to take a stab at MMA? The source would only tell Sherdog, “I don’t know, I can’t say.” Although Mike may never compete in any sort of combat sports we all agree that he needs to get into shape again.
Tyson is such a vain character that it just doesn't suit him to be out of shape. His weight had ballooned to more than 20 stone, more than 5 stone over his fighting weight and it showed clearly at the recent cannes film festival where he was making an appearance at a showing of the new James Toback's documentary "Tyson."

Whatever the reasons may be, it can only be a positive thing is Mike is back in the gym. Any further news or pictures we get will be up on here.


06-June-07: Mike Tyson becomes Bollywood star  
Mike Tyson During a Press Conference
Ok, we weren't going to talk about this "career move", but hey, if it's earning Mike a living then who can blame him? Everybody knows thatif he were to lace the gloves back on he could earn 20-times more than what he will ever earn acting in Bollywood movies.
But, Tyson's boxing career is over, at least for now -
so acting it is !

Mike has signed to appear in a second Bollywood film, this time to play a boxer, a Mumbai newspaper has reported.
The dance number Tyson did in an earlier movie was a surprising hit with audiences.

Read More On Mike Tyson's Bollywood Acting Career >

24-May-07: Follow Mike Tyson's Daily Training Routine When he was with Kevin Rooney in 1987

Mike Tyson During a Training Session
Now availble for download we have an exclusive video (taken from our DVD Box Set) which follows Mike Tyson on his daily training routine in the weeks leading up to a big fight.

This video was shot in 1987 when Tyson was still with Kevin Rooney and Steve Lott in the glory days when Tyson was invincible.
Watch Mike get up and run at 4.00am in pitch darkness which he explains gives him "a little edge" over his opponents.

We plan to showcase Mike Tyson at his very best on this site and have loads of footage to share with all his millions of adoring fans.
All the talk of drugs, prison and bankrupsy is all too familiar and is getting tiresome - we aim to show the very best of Mike Tyson, the unstoppable force that literally saved boxing in the 1980's.

Go and check out this video !

Mike Tyson's daily training routine >

08-May-07: Remembering Diego 'Chico' Corrales  
Diego Chico Corrales with his Son
It is always terrible to hear that somebody you know has died, but the feeling I had today when I first heard of Diego Corrales being killed in a motorcycle accident really stopped me in my tracks.
I felt it was imperative that I wrote a short piece on Corrales here to show an appreciation for what a terrific fighter he was.
Corrales was everything a boxer should be, aggresive, exciting, an extremely hard puncher, an unbelievable will to win with a heart to go with it. Corrales' fight with Jose Luis Castillo where he rose from the canvas twice in the 10th round to stop his opponent is still one of the best things I have ever seen in a boxing ring.
Corrales is in my all time top 5 fighters.

What a fighter he was -
God Bless you Chico.
Check out the Diego Corrales dedicated Web site here -

14-April-07: Mike Tyson eyes Bollywood debut

Mike Tyson Appears in front of the MAricopa County Superior Court Judge on Thursday 12th April 2007
We hate to report just bad new about Mike so here is some positive news involving a possible acting debut in Bollywood ?
It beats all this talk of Prison at least.

The deal with Tyson should be done 'in the next few days'
Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson is set to make his Bollywood debut this year, starring in a music video for an upcoming film.
Tyson is due to star in a promotional video for a Hindi film,
Fool-n-Final, a comedy centred on a bunch of criminals.

The film is being produced by Firoz Nadiadwala. His spokeswoman, Nisha Chothani, said the contract with Tyson was nearly ready.
She said Tyson was expected in India soon for the filming.

"We are negotiating, finalising details such as contracts and other things and everything should be decided upon in the next few days," Ms Chothani told the BBC News website.

Read more on this story here >


13-April-07: Mike Tyson Appears in Court on Thursday 12th April

Mike Tyson Appears in front of the MAricopa County Superior Court Judge on Thursday 12th April 2007
Mike Tyson the Former heavyweight champion of the World, appeared in court Thursday. Tyson is now set to go on trial Aug. 20 for charges he was in possession of illegal narcotics and also driving under the influence of drugs. According to media reports, Tyson was fresh out of a California drug rehabilitation facility.

In court, when asked by Maricopa County Superior Court Judge Sherry Stephens if he agreed to the trial date, Tyson simply stated in court: "Yes, ma'am." The trial date was pushed back 30 days at Tyson's attorneys' request. Tyson's lawyer pushed the trial date back by a month to August because they hadn't seen all the state's evidence in the case.

More information and pictures here >

24-Jan-07: Mike Tyson Pleads "Not Guilty" in Court  
Mike Tyson Pleads "Not Guilty" to allegations of drug posession
Mike Tyson has hired a four strong team of top defence lawyers including celebrity defense attorney David Chesnoff.
Chesnoff famously represented television personality Martha Stewart in her high profile insider trading trial, as well as pop star Britney Spears. Chesnoff was with Tyson during a brief appearance at the Maricopa County Superior Court on Monday morning where a "not guilty" plea was entered on Tyson's behalf.
Chief prosecutor Andrew Thomas has very publicly vowed to put Tyson in prison but Tyson's team of lawyers are doing all they can to prevent the former Champ from serving another term behind bars.
Tyson is charged with one felony count of possession of drug paraphernalia, one felony count of drug possession and two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence.
16-Jan-07: New Mike Tyson Wallpapers Available For Download  
Mike Tyson Wallpapers
It's not all doom and gloom for Mike Tyson fans - head over to the downloads section to choose from two new Wallpaper designs to decorate your monitor. These are uniquely designed and available in two different sizes to suit your screen resolution.

Go to Mike Tyson Wallpapers Section >
4th January 2007 - Not Such a Happy New Year For Mike Tyson  
Mike Tyson pictures after being arrested for drug offences in Arizona in January 2007
We don't often like to tell of the bad things that Mike Tyson gets himself involved with but this is a major setback to what we were all hoping would be a great year for Mike and his many fans.

We were working on a new article promoting the World Tour but this seems pointless now as Mike was arrested on Friday last week in Arizona for drug offences.
Read the article below for more on this story...

Mike Tyson was charged on Wednesday in Arizona with drug possession and driving under the influence of drugs. Tyson is charged with two misdemeanor counts of driving under the influence of drugs and two felonies for drug possession. The four charges could garner Tyson a sentenced between 2 1/4 and 7 1/2 years. The lead prosecutor made it clear he wants to send Tyson to jail.

Tyson was arrested last Friday after he was pulled over just as he left a night club. According to court records, Police found
bags of cocaine on Tyson and more in a package of cigarettes in his vehicle.

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